Dr. Glenn L. Roberts
7 Lockyer Road
Guelph, Ontario N1G1J9 

Ph: 519-824-2362
Fx: 519-824-1403
Herbarium Collection Workshop
$120 per person
2 Weekends (Saturdays 10am - 4pm)

What we will do:
You will learn the techniques for collecting, identifying, and mounting plant specimens for both scientific purposes and artistic purposes. All in a comfortable, fun atmosphere. We will be outside on the first day, rain or shine, so be prepared for any weather. Wear walking shoes and bring sun block. We will not be "hiking" only walking the park and gardens so the trek will be low impact.
We cannot collect protected species so will concentrate on the more common material, shrubs and even weeds.  Hopefully there will be discussion along the way and a few laughs.

    Plant presses and field presses

    All the materials you'll need for mounting


    On site microscopes for viewing specimen characteristics

    A library of books to peruse

    Lunch, snacks and refreshments

What you need to bring:
    Clippers (if you have them)

    Trowel (if you have one)

What you will take away:
    Basic, hands-on knowledge of herbarium techniques

    A handbook of Herbarium Techniques

    A set of mounted pressed specimens

    A simple understanding of practical plant ID

    Some good memories

There will be some supplies available for purchase or order if you wish. Such as presses, tools, paper, materials, hand lenses, books and so on. You are certainly not obliged to make any purchases but be assured that anything you buy will be at cost with no profit made by myself.
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